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Company History Milestone
  • Nov.2020
    Complete the construction of the securtiy room and set up the first two Demo Lines. At the same time, start the setup of mass production manufacturing line to fulfill the trial run request and mass pr...
  • Oct.2020
    Completed the first WBA product (WBA081540) in the haptic industry for high-end smartphone customers, and completed the HW + SW integrated haptic solution based on famous game content. At the same tim...
  • Sep.2020
    Completed the first WBA product adapted to VR and Gaming peripherals, and successfully present the Demos in front of customers for experiencing, meanwhile, kicked off the development of smaller size W...
  • Aug.2020
    Started the development of WBA products for VR and Gaming peripherals, and completed the angel round financing.
  • Jul.2020
    Completed the first surface audio product demo based on a local branding mobile phone, meanwhile, successfully developed the industry's first wide band response vibration actuator with a big G-force (...
  • Jun.2020
    Completed the interview of the leading project competetion in Suzhou Industrial Park and won the title of Leading Talent in Suzhou Industrial Park.
  • May.2020
    Completed the first iPhone-based surface audio product Demo with integrated receiver and speaker mode, and performs ok.
  • Apr.2020
    Completed the drafting, finalization and signing of strategic cooperation framework agreements, joint development agreements, patent licensing agreements and other necessary documents with business pa...
  • Mar.2020
    Completed the drafting of 3 patents and submitted applications, and completed the seed round financing.
  • Feb.2020
    Company was established on Feb.10th, and settled in Suzhou Industrial Park

1. Won Leading Talent in Suzhou Industrial Park - Leading Growth Project

2. The first batch of high-tech enterprises in Suzhou Free Trade Zone