As smart mobile devices get increasingly popular, users want better tactile interaction on smartphones. However, high-end haptic feedback technology is highly concentrated by major European and American manufacturers, who have closed-loop control of the entire industry chain. Consequently, most mobile phones are still using traditional actuators with simple vibration reminder function. Such actuators have lots of deficiencies such as mild vibration sense, high latency, and built-in noise, which may render the phones outdated in the near future. The optimized LRA can achieve differentiated vibrations in different scenarios indeed, such as call reminders, different ringtones, and 3D touch. Yet, the vigorous development of virtual content and big data brings higher requirements for the haptic feedback.

ThorEngine M0x is the way out! It has replaced the traditional physical spring structure with a field spring, an integrated vibrator and a contact suspension structure, bringing users a truly wideband, extremely power-saving, super realistic and immersive vibration experience! ThorEngine M0x is soon to be applied in the mobile phone industry and you can truly immerse yourself in your phones, as you will feel the full recoil of your firearms, the speeding and drifting of your racing cars, the gear-shifting and roaring of racing engines, and more delicate heartbeats, rubbing and footsteps!

  • M06
    • Size15*8*4mm (L*W*H)
    • Vibration quantity0.9Grms
    • Rated voltage2.12Vrms
    • Bandwidth140Hz
    • Rated current235ma(Max)
    • Quick Start/Quick Brake(BT/RT)≤20ms,≤20ms
    • Resonant frequency130Hz
    • ApplicationSmartphone